NEW BLOG! please update!

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hello to my faithful readers. this space has been great for me – now i am heading over here:

please update your rss readers – see ya there!


Haircut Benefit this Weekend!

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For those of you who live in the Sacramento, California area join us on this Saturday at Salon San Severo from 10-4 where we will be hosting a benefit for Haiti by offering free haircuts!!! 100% of the money raised will go to Heartline Ministries in Port-au-Prince.

Help us spread the word as we try to serve our friends in Haiti.

the t-shirts are available!!

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i’m sure you’ve heard/seen it all –
amanda and i couldn’t sit still. we had to get involved. 
we urge you to as well.
we are deeply tied to the relief effort and have setup a website for a simple way people can help. go to:

and buy a shirt! we are giving 100% of the proceeds to Real Hope for Haiti, an orphanage and medical center. 

would love for you to spread the word and let’s raise some money together!!!

grace and peace-

jasen and amanda


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so this disaster in haiti is unbelievable – words cant capture what’s going on….and i must do something about it.

coming soon will be a simple way for you to help by buying t-shirts!! stay tuned!
we are partnering with ry and holly to get something to you all soon!

in the mean time – go here:

to donate immediatly – the non-prof that i work with has setup a donation site.

a new perspective.

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this morning i am beginning to read through the book of Mark – and just in the first 2 chapters i am struck with a new perspective.

Jesus is always on the move and focused on those that do not know him.

in the first chapter he his healing people and moving from town to town and encouraging people to keep it quiet about him and just declare the kingdom is now. and at one point, in verse 17 of chapter 2, Jesus is eating with the ‘sinners and tax collectors’ and the religious ones of the day confront him on it. and Jesus so simply and clearly says he his here to help those that are sick. those that are well have no need for a physician.

reading this passage really challenges me and excites me at the same time. i know i spend not enough time declaring the kingdom to those who do not know it. and not in some crusading, over-bearing way – no – more like a whisper of the story and movement of God. this morning i am challenged and looking forward to see how i can begin to write my story with this at the front as a new perspective.

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kids are starving tonight all over the world & that is not ok with me
join the fight for humanity & the kingdom here: HELP

loving this record right now

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